JL Martindale

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JL Martindale is a nerdy, thirty-something writing mama who was born in Long Beach but has no recollection of that event. She spent the first half of her life in the valley (like for sure, for sure), but returned to her city of birth to attend CSULB where she earned a BA in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. JL Martindale now resides in Whittier, California.

Link to her Facebook page.

Poetry on Cadence Collective: Waiting on Winter, Simple Harmonic Motion, Spliced, Beautiful, Cons in Prose: A How-to Guide, Last Line Epiphanies, I Lie When We Lay, No Afterlife to Garbage, Lovers like us and ghost towns, Hey! Listen!, Dirty (tanka-esque), Jackpot, The First Light


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