Cadence Poets at Lucid Moose Lit Launch

In September, long time contributor, Nancy Lynée Woo with myself, Sarah Thursday, set out to launch Lucid Moose Lit, a press focused on social justice issues, and an anthology called Gutters & Alleyways:Perspectives on Poverty and Struggle. In the months prior, we received hundred of submissions, a significant number of which were from our incredible Cadence Collective community of poets. You can find out more about the press and book at

You can also watch this wonderful video on YouTube that highlights many of the Cadence contributors at the launch event on September 28th at St. Luke’s Church, including cameos by Fernando Gallegos, Don Kingfisher Campbell, Terry Wright, Clifton Snider, Daniel McGinn, and Raquel Reyes-Lopez. The anthology also includes work by Cadence Collective Poets K. Andrew Turner, G. Murray Thomas, JL Martindale, Graham Smith, Alejandro Duarte, Annie Freewriter, Christian Lozada, Christina Foskey, Dan Steinbacher, Donna Hilbert, Gel Nunez, Jackie Joice, Joe Gardner, John Brantingham, LeAnne Hunt, Mickie Lynn, Peggy Dobreer, Ricki Mandeville, Robin Hudechek, Suzanne Allen, Thomas R. Thomas, Tobi Cogswell, Trista Dominiq, and Vincent Noto.



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