Daniel McGinn

Daniel McGinn

Daniel McGinn lived in Long Beach a long time ago. He was published in Rip Rap before you were born. He remembers when Next… was a magazine, Gerald Locklin had meat on his bones, Mindy Nettifee was just a kid, R.D was known as Raindog, Mud Baron was everywhere and an ounce of weed was only $10.00. He once rode bareback on a dinosaur.
He’s been featured at The Ark, Sacred Grounds, The Word Rave and Lightbulb Mouth Radio Hour. Where are they now? Be thankful for the Long Beach Poetry Festival, Pearl Magazine, Gatsby’s Books, Pondwater, and Bank Heavy Press. Nothing lasts forever. Buy his book, 1000 Black Umbrellas, while you still can.

Poetry on Cadence Collective: Everything Overlaps, You and Your Mother Tonight, April, Dinner Date, A Blessing, I Just Said Goodbye To a Friend

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