Everything Overlaps

Floating Ladders3
By Daniel McGinn
Listen here.
from 1000 Black Umbrellas

You fall in love
with someone who knows
the same silence as you,
a silence you share.
They can’t see you
so you can’t hurt them.

You get sick
of being yourself,
you have to learn
to forgive
yourself first
for whatever the hell
it was you did
that made things
turn out like this.

And you’ve got to
forgive them too.
It’s not so much
anger now,
you can understand
how a person might
grow tired of you.

Maybe you go
to the doctor because
your feet hurt
and you cry so hard
you can hardly
see for days
after you encounter
the person
who abandoned you.

A letter arrives
addressed to you
with layers
of frustrated tape
pressed to the seal.

Maybe you are just a dog
after your own tail.
Maybe you thought
you were done looking back
at shadows;

they come to your door
like snow clouds.
You open the door,
it’s cold outside,
but you stand there
waiting to see
what is going
to happen,

because you’ve
lived in this town
all of your life
it’s never snowed here,
not once.


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