Christian Lozada

Christian Ladoza

Christian Lozada was born, has lived in, live near and will probably die in Long Beach. His poems and stories have been about the influence of his mixed-race childhood growing up in North Long Beach and Compton. Currently, he’s been studying Native Hawaiian issues since joining a diasporic Native Hawaiian family. Through his studies, he has co-authored a photographic history book Hawaiians in Los Angeles about Hawaiians creating identity on the continent. He has had poetry and stories published in Spot Literary Magazine, Conceit, Amulet, Say the Word, and was the Creative Nonfiction editor for RipRap. His non-fiction works have been published in Watermark, Body in Paradise, various Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery policies and procedures, and in the margins of countless student papers. He also received his MFA from Cal State Long Beach.

Poetry on Cadence Collective: Deaf Falcon 500, Breakfast Math: Mixed-Race Edition, threeway with arturo bandini and camilla lombard, My Family Is Racist, But There’s a Logic To It, You Are What People Think You Are, Like Rothko, We Start With Color, A Lesson on Poverty, The Square Root of Poverty


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