Barbara Eknoian

Barbara Eknoia
Barbara Eknoian’s work has appeared in Pearl, Chiron Review, RE)VERB, and Silver Birch Press’s Silver, Green, and Summer anthologies. She has received two Pushcart Prize nominations and is a member of Donna Hilbert’s poetry workshop in Long Beach, CA. Her first young adult novel Chances Are:A Jersey Girl Comes of Age, and her poetry book Why I Miss New Jersey is available at Amazon. She is currently working on a generational novel.

Poetry on Cadence Collective: Soothsayer, Boredom: the Desire for Desire, His Weekend of Light and Dark, Another Side of Life, Dancing at the Y.W.C.A., Monday’s Child, , Salon Reflections, Serendipity, Diner, On the Waterfront with My Brothers, Baptism, Scenes From Another Life, Carpe Diem,

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