By Barbara Eknoian

My powerful father lay in a coma
I remembered when he said,
“I was never baptized.”
Back then, I thought,
someday, when you’re an old man,
somehow, we’ll get you baptized.
I rushed home and called
my Bible prayer leader
asking tearfully,
“I can baptize my father,
can’t I ?”
I put some water in a small bottle,
and placed it in my purse.
At his bedside, I opened the vial,
wet my fingers, and made
The sign of the cross
on his bald head.
I said, “I baptize you
in the name of the Father,
Son and Holy Spirit.”

I was afraid he’d open his eyes and say,
“What the hell are you doing?”
Just to be certain the baptism took,
I did it a second time.

Previously published in JERKUMSTANCES,
by Pearl Editions.

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