apocalyptic serenade

By Kevin Kreiger
22 December 2012

How long will the light go on?
Longer than you.
— Meghan O’Rourke, Halflife

there’s a moment he wakes into
neither dark nor light
psyche scrabbling for a hold
along the escarpments of the liminal

air dangerously still
the perfection self-evident
& self-evidently not his

washing over him like waves
along a dawnstruck beach

call them warnings
even entreaties

twinges of what
we can never empiricize

their advent as obvious
as the onset of human sight
the seeding of language
the voracious paradox of love

which sculpted us
the way fire swept
from dire unknown to absolute necessity

the brightest edge of evolution’s sword

& tonight watching the buddha
silhouette the balcony
soft & unperturbed
he is almost disappointed

Mayan revelation

night still spinning
in the face of heaven

the nothing that never was

true wisdom D. reminds him
is knowing what’s ours
& knowing what’s God’s

is learning to sing
in the key of objectivity

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