AJ Urquidi

AJ Urquidi

Originally from Monterey, CA, AJ Urquidi has studied poetry in Los Angeles, New York City, and Long Beach. His poems have appeared in such journals as Chiron Review, Foothill, and Thin Air, been nominated for Ina Coolbrith and Pushcart Prizes, and won the Gerald Locklin Writing Prize. He has led creative writing workshops at CSULB and Beyond Baroque in Venice Beach.   http://americanmustard.weebly.com/

Poetry on Cadence Collective: The Heartfelt Automaton, Earthwound, None will vanish. Many will appear., Cyst Act, Friday’s Inflections, Lamazing Race, His Thoughts As He Fled The Scene Where He Ran Me Down Only Seconds Before, Mykee, Follow ‘ er

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