Lamazing Race


By AJ Urquidi

//The last egg out is a rotten one//A loop
I tied flopped through the eye//My sole

defector slipped on in…an unensnared
gauntlet runner//No window pane no gain

say my neighbors the burgled//Guard I was
not home to stand//Protective of possessions

too bad I am…less than zen when I play
pretend with pen as one of many slight-zen men

//Unfulfilled but not lonely//aspire to be
the ampersand at a sentence commencement

//Your message I almost finished//intercept
end transmission//…& clasped to canvas

the last generation to learn horseback//We gave
our will to the good…our army to salvation…

our store to the noble thrift//Iced the cake
with burnt cash…repurposed Japanese race bikes

//Time to uncover where the artichoke home is…time
to translate pro bono publico cookies’ fortune

//You will soon embark on a great journey
//You may want to consider packing a scarf

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