None will vanish. Many will appear.

corner room3
By AJ Urquidi

after two weeks the phallocentric
nap of youth concludedevery herb garden sprouted
an oil well

digging a foxhole in the crawlspace
below the living roomthe child found a missing jawbone
of a movie starlet extrafrom North by Northwesttale articulators swarmed the carnal
suburb for two weeks

until one night they stampededthe alley to the topiary plot behind
the tattoo clinic where a liveoak’s thirty-second highest branch
curled into the silhouette of La Virgen de Guadalupe

in the latitudinal township across
the peninsula uninterestedoil dragons reared their iron skulls
returned to their feedingthen looked slowly again at each
falling palm frond

until one night when the childpassed in blooming ruckus
the motionless motorsno longer sighedjust croucheddead beasts into themselves

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