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Girl and Goat 2

By AJ Urquidi

Normally I wouldn’t do this but here’s my number. Just between you and me,
5000 miles and a generation gap. You would just run

into a tunnel had you no idea where it opened. I want to act on impulse
but can’t decide whether I love. You have more colors

in your scarf than I knew existed and I like the idea of naming them all.
Your happiness is aimless and I am easily misguided

by undirectional laughter. A weird gas moved through me tonight. I’ve realized
change coming in the wayI see things, in ways

completely. Not human. To gargle lukewarm lava between symmetrical teeth.
To scare others with my bravery. I dare to writhe

blindly, your talk is hotter and I am caught. You are coming with me
and I’ll never know why, you secure my curiosity

like zookeeper snares. A volcano I saw was dead but I swore I saw it
move, saw a gas move through me. There lies

in the pen a bull who gave in, he’s dormant
with a fearof silences like snares.

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