G. Murray Thomas

G. Murray Thomas

G. Murray Thomas has been an active part of the SoCal poetry scene for over 20 years. He has performed throughout the L.A. area and beyond. He has two collections of poetry, Cows On The Freeway, and his most recent, My Kidney Just Arrived, published by Tebot Bach in 2011. He co-hosts 2nd Mondays Poetry Party with Sarah Thursday.

Check out his website: http://gmurraythomas.com.
Live recordings: http://gmurraythomas.bandcamp.com/
Publisher: http://www.tebotbach.org/
He also runs a site with all things poetry in SoCal: http://www.poetix.net/

Poetry on Cadence Collective: Your Kidney Has Just Arrived At LAX, The Morning After, Cows on the Freeway, Winter, Unspoken, Melting Snow, “Love” Vs. “In Love”, The Summer Between College and the Real World, Summer Haiku, Almost Valentineõs, The Song of Inappropriate Desire, Love Is Not a Kid Successfully Launching a Kite, Charlie Brown in the Strip Club

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