“Love” Vs. “In Love”

Despertar 2
By G. Murray Thomas

In love is wanting.
Love is giving.
In love is, “I want it now!”
Love is, “I can wait.”

In love is, if you don’t smile at me,
or you smile in the wrong way,
it’ll ruin my day.

Love is, if you’re not smiling,
I want to make you smile.

In love is dying when you don’t call,
but not making the call myself because
it takes no effort to answer the phone,
and I need you to make the effort.

Love is calling just to hear your voice.

In love is worrying when I’m not there,
afraid of the fun you might be having without me.
Love is wishing I was there,
but if I’m not,
hoping you are having fun without me.

In love is obsessing on what comes next,
always feeling it could be more,
or longer,
or sweeter,
somehow better.

Love is savoring every moment.

In love is a hole,
which needs to be filled.
Love is a fountain.

In love is desperate.
Love is relaxed.

In love is I, me, mine.
Love is you,
always you.


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