Christmas Suggestion #1: Kidneys & Cows

Our first poetry purchase suggestion comes from Cadence Colelctive’s founder, Sarah Thursday.  As you will ready, Sarah throws her mad love behind the poetry of G. Murray Thomas:

Two of my favorite books of poetry are My Kidney Has Just Arrived and Cows on the Freeway by G. Murray Thomas. These books may not be for the ivy league, MFA poet who are looking for something so shockingly metaphorical, or deeply experimental. These are definitely poems for those who like poetry but don’t need a degree to decipher its meaning. From the opening poem, “My Typewriter Has Not Healed Yet”, My Kidney Has Just Arrived tells no lies. The title based poem, “Your Kidney Has Just Arrived at LAX“,  can be read here on Cadence. His poems are his observations and experiences of travel, living in different part of the country, and having a kidney transplant. Cows on the Freeway (title poem also available to read here), likewise contains poems from the ponderings of the most laid-back, sincere person you may ever know. Both of his books are a perfect gift for the appreciators of honesty and those shy of metaphorically metaphorical poetry.


To learn more about Murray, read this conversation.

My Kidney Has Just Arrived is available at Gatsby Books!  Get down there today, you only have a measly 9 days of shopping left!

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