Jax NTP holds an MFA in Creative Writing – Poetry from CSULB. Jax was the former editor-in-chief of RipRap Literary Journal and associate editor of The Fat City Review. Jax has an affinity for jellyfish and polaris and a fetish for miniature succulent terrariums. Her work has been featured in PEARL, 3AM (UK), The Mas Tequila Review, Subliminal Interiors, Moon Tide Press, Silver Birch Press, Bank Heavy Press, and The Art of Survival Anthology.

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Poetry on Cadence Collective: Neurosity I, Neurosity III, Neurosity VIII, Neurosity XI, Neurosity XII, ante meridiem VIII, neurosity XXXVIII, neurosity LXI, neurosity LXXX, “inbetween the spaces of overchewed flimflam and brain peonies there is another chance”, “if the value of a cup is the emptiest space inside of it”


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