neurosity III

Floating Ladders3
By Jax NTP
proposition, to prep into position

leafing through dog ears,
you remember whythis used to be important.the way societyinflicts the sheathfunction on the scottishtradition a sgian dubhis always worn insidethe right kilt hose: tightbut not suffocating.thistles of thought. lickyour fingers. flex the sexof false coincidences.write on marginaltendons, cripplingwings of dirks. rebirth,a misattributionto the phoenix. freefrom steed beforefreed from greed.dusty spines and coffeerings beneath your eyes,hanging like fishinghooks, suspended,before the let thismemory — besimple. purple lunettes.some days mean more.some days mean less.carelessly prepareto prop into place.

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