“inbetween the spaces of overchewed flimflam and brain peonies there is another chance”


By Jax NTP

do not watch shadows, it’s not the proper way to say goodbye. when the journey is not enough — oar starfish until salt bristles goad the furtherestnostril hair. commission another artist to paint your portrait — make it in the woods. refuse to be confined by your own nudity. burn lanterns that only shine on half the heart. tangle your hair and tango your tools. possess the spirits — make them your slaves. utilize each clove of garlic. cry in the fetal position — alone, and then do not forget to masturbate. fissure and collapse. the poet is the person who receives the direct action of a verb.emulsification processes render out salt pockets the way ants abandon their food to carry their dead. when it is easier to start than resume — when restlessness perverses resting into waiting, you must never forget, to shade in the carcasses. when the déjà vu won’t stop vu-ing — go inward and choke — adagio until only the curves of forgotten things rust sharper than sodium orange streetlights. when eyes wan — brimfuls and bushels of avocado bleus —blur to zoom.

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