Fantasy Birthday

ev_img20 3

By Veronica Durre

Hurt and disappointment in my own family
Not making my day special or even wishing me a happy birthday
Turned into many happy Birthdays greetings from strangers and passerbyes
Spending many wonderful hours
Making my own special memories
At the happiest place on earth
What a wonderful birthday it turned out to be
Photos with Chip and Dale
And with Mary Poppins and Bert
Riding favorite rides
Singing with the birdies and flowers in the Tiki Room
While eating a fresh pineapple spear
Strolling along window shopping on Main Street
Riding on the Columbia Sailing Ship
Which I haven’t done since 1981
Meeting and talking with lots of new people
Experiencing new thrills
Facing my fears by climbing in the treehouse to the top
Having someone call me princess
Being free to let my inner child out to play
Laughing and smiling on Skype
With Daniel and Mai
Finding inner joy and peace

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