Conversing the Spectrum

ev_img20 4

By Natalie Wallace

It’s the fast paced, no breath, stuttering words,
of a story I’ve been dying to tell.
Or the half asleep, cloudy minded, philosophical outlook,
of an opinion I’ve kept to myself.

2 a.m.
Pointless discussions about
cats vs. dogs,
Star Trek vs. Star Wars,
and books vs. movies.

3 a.m.
Deep conversations of us
throwing around “What ifs” and “Should haves”.
Wondering why the world exists and what our part is in it.

4 a.m.
Lost track of time,
hours and minutes ticking by,
us debating if it’s morning or still night.

5 a.m.
My phone slips from my hands,
my head lolls forward, fighting off sleep
in order to keep us thinking about you and me.

It’s 6 a.m.
Tired “thank you’s”
and heavy eyes,
accompanied by small smiles.

It’s the murmurs of gratitude,
before I fall asleep.
Thankful that the thoughts in my head,
are no longer only mine to keep.

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