Good Fortune

Moon Man 3
By Alisha Attella

Today, let’s put up the tree.
The same tree that we build
Each year expecting the pieces
To equal more than the sum of their parts

To tower higher and break through
The ceiling on it’s own inertia
Sections begetting sections in
A Beanstalk frenzy through to the
Winter shell sky, piercing the clouds

So its forest green plastic needles
Will let loose the snow that sticks to
the branches in plaster frosting smears
and the little glass beads that catch dim
twinkle light and paint a field of stars

When it’s late, let’s sit with brandy tea
And find the constellations.
I know i’m a Sheep and that you’re a Dog
But I also know that placemats can be wrong
And maybe the best thing would be
If we sit together watching them slowly rotate,
And then flip the switch to make the carousel stop
When both of our brightest stars hang in the sky
Just right to announce a fortunate new year.

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