Poetry for Christmas Suggestion #7: The Grapes of Central California

With only a few days left, why not consider Annie Freewriter‘s pick from Cadence contributor, Jackie Joice? In her book, Green Grapes, Black Hands, she gives us a mix of poetry, essays, and family memoirs. Jackie recently held a book release party at Gastby Books where she sold every copy. Lucky for you, Gatsby has more for the holidays!

I first met Jackie at a poetry reading in Long Beach. I was impressed by her poise and confidence as she shared her poetry. I was excited when I learned that she was going to publish a poetry book called, Green Grapes Black Hands, with bits of family history woven in. She gave a very personal look into her grandfather’s experience as a laborer in the grape fields in Central California, but she also peppered it with glimpses of her own personality and sense of humor. I really enjoyed her writing and want more. Thanks Jackie, for your important labor of art and story you’ve enriched us all with!

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