Christmas Pick #6: Let the Lights Shine on the Body

Today G. Murray Thomas, who was a featured pick on day 1, gives us his Christmas suggestion.  Donna Hilbert, is a staple around the local scene, and is one of the six authors that organizes the Long Beach Poetry Festival each year.  If you don’t have at least one of her books in your poetry shelf, Murray will Explain why you should.  Quick, there are only 3 shopping days left before Christmas (counting today), get to Gatsby Books now!

51fiPjQUBdL._SS500_Donna Hilbert writes with a rare combination of honesty and craft. Her poems will leave you gasping at the truths she reveals, and the beauty with which she expresses them. Her latest book The Congress of Luminous Bodies. Previous book of poetry include The Green Season, Traveler in Paradise and Transforming Matter.

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