Raundi Moore-Kondo

Raundi Moore-Kondo
Raundi Moore-Kondo may have been born in Orange County but her poetry had its second coming in a Long Beach basement. Legend says it got wet after midnight and has never been the same. As the founder of For The Love of Words Creative Writing Workshops and Small Press she pushes poetry on everyone she meets. Raundi as been previously published in Don’t Blame the Ugly Mug on Tebot Bach, Aim For The Head on Write Bloody Press and Lummox Vols. I and II.
Raundi has published The Mammary Chronicles: The Hills Are Alive, a chapbook to raise funds for breast cancer charities, the all-ages anthology A Poet is a Poet No Matter How Tall and her first poetry collection, Let The Ends Spill Over Your Lips. Her first full-length novel, The Revival, will be available in spring of 2014. When she isn’t pushing poetry on people she plays bass for the bands Hurt and the Heartbeat and Daisy Chain.

Poems of Cadence Collective: A Reminder Of Why You Still Behave That Way, Should I Warn You About The Scars?, Defying Physics, Drowning In Your Blue

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