A Reminder Of Why You Still Behave That Way

Despertar 3
By Raundi Moore-Kondo

And, of why you fell
Of why you still absentmindedly rub your chest
Why you wake sweating at 4:22 am
And again 5:50
Why you start pacing the hallways after breakfast
Even though you can’t ever bring yourself to eat breakfast
Why you feel like collateral damage no one is willing to admit to
You were never assessed in triage
Never treated for injuries
No painkillers, mood stabilizers, or antibiotics were prescribed
No post-traumatic stress counseling
No grief training for your loved ones
No hazard-pay
Nor sick leave
No one to accuse
Or bring charges up against
You pick up the phone
Only to put it back down
No one is waiting on your apology
Turn up the radio to block out the television
That’ll make you feel better for a while

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