By Kit Couter
By Kit Couter

By Antonio Cortez Appling

Black Excellence is more than a bayou of alligators feasting on gendered turmoil. It’s swimming through thick dredge calling it namesake. It’s the blues of bourbon soaked grey hair antennas. It’s hip hop being architect’d by bronze Rican gladiators versus young African sunrises. It’s bald heads as glory from receding transatlantic shore parabolas, pushing black sand like barber shop line up. It’s a flamboyant contradiction Iike acid jazz and Acid Rap. Though uniquely feminine it’s breasts and womb are tucked like infidelity between chapters and in between sentences of raped journals. Memoirs of Black Excellence can only be spoken of in sisterly linguistics as in willows can only be hollered of in regards to their branches.

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