Downfall of the Empath

By Alex Diffin
By Alex Diffin

By Yeggi Kaela Watts

How-can-I write?
When words cannot express the complexity of my
convoluted mind
saturated with images of
gunshots fired
from white badge to
black blood
triggering the
desensitization of

When dreams collide
with nightmares
as spray-tanned tyranny
becomes a
In the midst of raising a child in
what was once called
“the land of the free.”

With no money to
endorse this voice as a
hated minority
and a vagina
that seemingly resides
in the back seat
of this misogynistic train
we call

When the humanity
in you—
and her—
and him—
and them…
are a reflection of the humanity in me.

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  1. Wow! This poem explodes! It says much of what I have been feeling for months, the deep dread that this is the way America is heading, and, worse, that it has been going this way for some time. This is a tremendously crafted and powerful poem. Maybe writing can become a way to save our country.

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