Brass Tacks

By Alex Diffin
By Alex Diffin

By Alisha Attella

Consider me a hitching post
when you think your head
and heart might buck
up and run away
from all of your firm footing
and graceful canterings
down the dusty path;
take your reins and tie them up
to my scratched brass findings.

I’m not so solid in that shifting
ground on my own,
but if you need me
that need will rush
straight through me
and turn the sand around
my feet to glass.

I’ll stand in the lightning
strike vein
held fast
rooted deep in the icy ash
and I’ll hold you
and hold you
and hold on.

So you can kick
against the rain
but not fall
before the storm
stops pulling.

So you can close
your eyes
but not drop
your head
before that wild
mane is loosed
from the wind
that rips the boughs
from the trees.

So you can let
your flanks
go soft in the warm
breaking sun
but not forget
how strong
they are
my soft

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