By Stephanie Ervin

It haunted my dreams
You were Thanatos and I was Eros
Your blood ran like inky black night
Sticky with deceit
Your skin rotting yellow
Riddled with collapsed veins

The needle’s kiss was always sweeter than mine
I never could compare to your white powder loves

You stole my cookie cutters
To mock the life we dreamt
Of curled around each other
The sharp edges sliced
My fingers bled, tears ignored
You reached for my throat
Tequila bubbling from your mouth
Irate eyes tired drunk

I have had enough of our dreams turned nightmares
There are no more pieces of me in you

And when they lower
The wreckage of you
Into a dark grave
I will leave purple roses
I meant to carry
To the altar

Previously published in Doughnut Touch Me! by Bank-Heavy Press

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