Charles Banks Jr.

Charles Banks JR.

Charles Banks Jr. has been indulging in poetry since age twelve. He has self-published three collections of poetry and two chapbooks of poems. His work has been included in Don’t Forget the ChapStick (published by Bank-Heavy Press), Collected Whispers (published by the International Library of Poetry), Poets Amongst Us (published by Aquillrelle Press) and Online at In Stereo Press: The Audio Zine. After successfully defeating cancer in recent months, Charles has started up Spilt Ink Poetry, a small, poetry press that strives to help poets publish their work, encourage a greater appreciation and fondness for the written word, and further advocate social diversity.

Find him on his Facebook Page
Follow his personal blog The Art of Curiosity and Black Angel
Follow his press Spilt Ink Press
and on Facebook Spilt Ink Poetry

Poetry on Cadence Collective: Beauty of Butterflies, Shadow in the Midnight

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