John Brantingham

John Brantingham
John Brantingham is a graduate of CSULB’s MFA in creative writing and a long time member of Long Beach’s writing community. He has been featured on Garrison Keillor’s Writer’s Almanac and has had hundreds of poems published in magazines in the United States and England. His books include the short story collection, Let Us All Pray Now to Our Own Strange Gods and the crime novel Mann of War. His newest poetry collection The Green of Sunset is available from Moon Tide Press.

Poetry on Cadence Collective: Poem to the Child Who Was Almost My Son, A Tragedy of Birds, The British Museum, Westminster Abbey, March 1991, Forget the Alamo, Remember the Eagles, The School Yard, 4pm August 29, The Wind’s Will, Women Ironing, Edgar Degas, The Departure, Pablo Picasso, Part one, The Departure, Pablo Picasso, Part Two,The Synesthesia of Egrets, Without Even a Glance Backwards

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