Frank Kearns

Frank Kearns Author Photo
Frank Kearns was raised in New England. He has lived in the greater Los Angeles area since 1970, and has been transformed into a Southern Californian by time in Venice, years at the Bethlehem Steel mill in Vernon, and a long career in the aerospace industry. He lives and writes in Downey, California. He is the author of two poetry collections, “Circling Venice” (2013) and “Yearlings” (2015). With his wife Carol, he runs Los Nietos Press, dedicated to publishing the works of local area authors.

Follow him on his website: SoCalYankee

Poetry on Cadence Collective: Waiting to Cross Florence Avenue, Jawbone Siphon Song, Western Cooking, Holding You In Winter, Desert Roads, Outdoor Music, Honda 250, Walkway Maintenance, Love and Relativity Words for Rain, Nothing in a Blue Gap


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