Clubbing with Baby Seals in the LBC

offering 3

By Raundi Moore-Kondo

(Politically Incorrect poetry at The Aquarium of the Pacific)

Baby seals love the night life
They like to boogie
They dig off the hook bass lines
Back beats
Black lights
And yo yo
Say what?
Stripper polls
Disco balls
Dope Docents
Designer drugs and hand-bags
Gold grills
Killer whales
Velvet ropes
Crystal and Dom
Dripping Divas
Holly mackerel
Ice bling
and sardines in Limousines
Baby seals are known for their underground
creepy chill after parties
Ballin’ pimps
Apple bottom jeans
And boots with the fur

And twerking!

God they live for twerking
to Warren G and Regulate
sucking up to frosty DJ’s

Baby seals are nothing but party animals
North side
South side
It don’t matter
Baby seals in the LBC love to club
Peace out
Chill out
Baby seals

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