I’m Going to Frack You

brook house 3

By Tamara Madison

I’m going to drill you
I’m going to drill deep down inside you
find all your secret stores of oil
and suck them dry
I’m going to plumb your deepest waters
and pump the oil straight up out of you

I’m going to seek out the caches of oil
hidden in your shale
I’m going to shoot my magic juice down there
and sideways, shatter your stone
and force your secrets out
I’m going to find the oil they say
you’ve caged in frigid water molecules
beneath your sea floor
I’m going to bring it up and melt it down

I don’t want to hurt you, Baby,
but you have what I need,
nothing else will do.

Without it I am nothing.
Without it, I’m just an ape
swinging from a branch.

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