Snow White

 brook house 4

By Stephanie Ervin

She keeps running around,
not noticing the burn marks on her dress
If she did, she might stop asking
Have you seen my seven dwarfs?

Someone always stops and says
Don’t you remember?
Sneezy caught a bad strain of the flu
And there was nothing Doc could do
So Sneezy took a nap with Sleepy
And the two of them never woke up.

Doc was so sad
He downed a bottle of aspirin
With a bottle of vodka.

Grumpy was so angry
He got into a bar fight
With men too tall and too drunk

Dopey tried to help
But the two of them were thrown into the street
And a container truck ran them over.

Bashful realized life is short
So he tried talking to a pretty girl
But her boyfriend beat him up.

Happy gave him heroin
To cut the pain
And they overdosed together.

And what of my prince?
Snow White always asks.

The person always stares at her when she asks that.
The poison apple rotted your mind.
Thinking your stepmother was still after you,
You burned down the prince’s palace
And he died.

Snow White will cry and cry and cry.
Then she’ll get up, find someone else and ask,
Have you seen my seven dwarfs?


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