invisible in the corner

tree circles 1

By Lori McGinn

invisible in the corner
the light moon keeps calling me
My dreaming ears are deaf

ghostly silhouette
green river leaf
you are our shadow of forgive

My constant is a heavenly water
raging sea
may we be the blood in your bones

desert sun cradles it’s whispering ghosts
The piercing arrow of fire
he stinging salt in my wound

may the memory of you be stitched on a plethora of hearts
you have been my best of friends
my green hammock of cradle and rock

i sit here, flick my marilyn lighter
fire up green heads up

and living
i am content
i am loved

i am run
ing, down a mountain

may your winter be gentle
chilling candy cane crushed
topping off your homemade ice cream

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