Iconic Oysters

tree circles 4

By Kevin Clothier

Imperious oysters lodged
among the jewels of the deep.
Vaginal oysters with frothing lips.
Fashionable oysters in sequined gowns.
Authorial oysters, oysters with big ideas.
Big assed, loquacious, foul mouth oysters.
Battered oysters.
Oysters in the cubist tradition,
Mother of Pearl by Juan Gris.
Oysters by the numbers.
Marginalized oysters relegated
to narrow waterways.
Militant oysters guarding the oyster fields.
Xenophobic oysters sequestering
other bivalves. Shadow oysters.
Melancholic oysters bidding
farewell to a world of salty brine
Obsequious oysters, bowing to the crush of
callused jaws, bursting in the bloody hollows
of a ravenous mouth.
Oyster Christ, ascending into a sea blue heaven

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