Grace Is Always Welcome

tree circles 4

By Raundi Moore-Kondo

To Christmas morning, Thanksgiving dinner
and to New Year’s Eve midnight kisses.
Bring it to Mecca, to Gaza and to Rome
Bring it to the streets of Long Beach
or whatever city you roam.

Bring it to the supermarket checkout line.
To the nightclubs and the square dances.
Bring it to the bedrooms, the boardrooms
the zoos, and the circus tents.
Bring it to your neighbors
barbecues and chili cook-offs.

Sprinkle it into to your laughter.
Rub some behind your ears and on both wrists.
Leave what you can burning brightly
on your worst enemy’s front porch
for all his neighbors to see.

My grandma always slipped some in her bra
for safe keeping and emergencies.
I recommend you do the same.

Try to remember to leave a cupful
on your nightstand before you go to sleep–
so it will be there for the morning after minty-fresh
if you are lucky enough to wake up.
Hand it out like sticks of fruit striped gum
and fun sized Halloween candy.

I gave some to a barista today
and a dolphin trainer at Sea World 15 years ago.
Legoland appears to always have a surplus
As does every sunny square inch of Paradise Island and most of Wonderland.
Alice introduced it to everyone she met.

Bring it to all the kings and queens and presidents.
Bring it to the Supreme Court.
Bring it to the Senate and the House.
Bring it like homework to class
and like sunscreen to the beach.

Make sure she is invited to partake in Ramadan
and all the menorah lightings, egg hunts, ball games, rock concerts, parking lots and Senior proms.

Be warned–Grace is highly contagious.
You are likely to experience tremendous
weight loss and gain thousands of pounds
of new friends. Probably a fatter wallet, too.

Yes, you can bring brownies, beer,
and buffalo ranch chips.
They are always welcome.
Thank you.

But, all we really need
is a little more grace
from everyone, everywhere,
all the time,
night and day,
forever and ever,
until the beautiful


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