The Bridge I Rebuild to You is Multiple Universes Wide

Blue Angel 1

By Raundi Moore-Kondo

All of this for you

Every rain forest creature, sea dweller
and air breather
All the winged beasts and flying machines
The chocolate chip cookie,
The ocean floor and shore
Plumeria blossoms,
Sidewalks, ocean piers, and park benches
The off beat
Road trips and road kill
Even The Police
Where babies come from
And the concept of God

Look around you…

This has all been an elaborate scheme
to get you to fall in love with me, again

Yes, I am responsible for the mid-east crisis
Disease, The Cure,
Global warming
And nuclear disasters

Every abuse of power

Every birth and death
since the beginning of time
has been a cell in a tangled web
woven to tickle your fears
and soothe you back into silk
against my cheek

There would be no Jupiter without you
No golden, life-giving Sun
I imagined it all…

Just for you

Hoping these human bodies
Would bring you
close enough to touch

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