I Pity Your Decision to Be a Muggle

Flowers 3

By Raundi Moore-Kondo

You chose scientifically proven mediocrity,
business suits, cruise ships,
and famous friends
who quote the New Yorker
and only want to talk about themselves.

When we could have been magic
disappearing behind bricks
dressed like Stevie Nicks and Steven Tyler.
Cloaks, scarves feathers and bone
as much of it dyed purple, as possible.

Dementors aren’t as bad as you’ve heard.
There is far darker magic in your midst.

We could be practicing charms
and getting in touch
with our inner patranoses, right now.

But NO!
You chose Diet Coke and battery operated cars
over butter beer and fire breathing dragons
to fly us home.

You chose air conditioned suburban
barbecues over mermaid parties
and defeating the Dark Lord with me.

How could you?

Don’t worry…

This is only the book on tape talking.

You aren’t really listening anyway, are you?

But here!


Drink this!

Why yes, I did make it in potions class.

Maybe it will knock some magic back into you.

Or else you will grow old
and painfully ugly before my eyes.

We won’t know until you try.

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