corner room1
By Irene Mason

Who is this woman you adore?
She gave you rice with sugar and cinnamon
And then beat you for having an accident in your pants.
She made you scrub the walls at age 5
Even if it made you late for school.
She called you The Golden Child,
But made sure her boyfriend always came first.
She fed you ketchup sandwiches
And hid the chocolate kisses in her room.
She dressed you up for the talent show,
But slapped you for forgetting your lines.
She hugged you and called you mijo,
But made you lick lard off your brother’s back.
She let her drunk boyfriend punish you
By forcing you to kneel on raw rice with shorts on
With your arms extended straight out,
Like you were on a crucifix.
She gave you a bloody nose
Because the house wasn’t clean enough.
She told you horrible things about your dad,
Hoping you would only love her more.
And you did.
I should have known she would always come first.
Why do you adore her so?

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