NaPoWritMo Begins. Join Us!

The Challenge Begins

30 Poems in 30 Days

Screen Shot 2014-03-30 at 8.46.46 PMIn case you are new to this fabulous month, as a celebration of National Poetry Month many of us take up our pens in the ultimate challenge 30 poems in 30 days. So why others dread the pranks that April 1st brings, Poets can be caught running in the streets with Pens at the ready. Call them fools, they simply do not care about your unsettling name calling, because they are jotting down names for you, and turning them into a terse exercise in alliteration, anaphora, and apostrophe.

Writers remember in the end it is not about whether you make all 30 poems or not, it is about the effort, the community, and pushing yourself. Last year I only wrote 10 poems, and would call 4 of them good. So this year I’m just hoping to write a bit more and call 5 good. Anything over is gravy.

Set your goals now!

You will need help. I will need help. Your non-writing friends will want an intervention for you, but you can do this. To help us all get through this I’m going to start by giving you several places that will have daily prompts (or are promising to try to have daily prompts) to get your poem on.

NaPoWriMo – If you are going to start, might as well be here.

Writer’s Digest – These prompts handed out by Robert Lee Brewer and are usually very helpful. They start with guidelines and you can go back daily for prompts.

Poetry Super Highway – May I suggest signing up at his facebook page as well. He does a lot of great things for the community of Poets in Los Angeles and beyond. You will find your prompts for 2014 under the special projects

30 Day Poery Challenge – 30dpc – Facebook Page. For the past two years, when the challenge is complete, these folks put together a compilations.

Poetry Idiots are planning on putting up prompts daily for the month of April. Well at least one of them is. Go to the Home section and you will find prompts under 2014. By the way you should be following this page anyhow. Great readings, ran by Ben Trigg and Steven Ramirez, every Wednesday night!

By the way if you haven’t gotten your free National Poetry Month poster, get it here. While supplies last!

There will be days when I will throw up some of my favorite prompts from friends, books, found, and maybe even my own. Won’t promise every day, but will promise to try.

Happy Writing my poet pretties!

And if you want to see how my personal journey is going, stop by my website, Denise R. Weuve.



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