Day #1~ Prompt #1 For all you Poetry Fools

Picture 4PROMPT #1

For us poets, today is the day that begins the celebration of what we love, Poetry.

For the High School Students I teach it is a day of fools, foolishness, and all the joy that comes at other’s expense.

So I thought for the first prompt why not combine the two.


Prompt #1~Write a Poem about A Fool.

  •   What kind of fool?
  • The one that broke your heart
  • A Canadian Singer
  • Your boss
  • You
  • Any will do.


Here are a couple of samples from my class today.  I’m particularly intrigued by the first one, Sasha’s poem.



Diction and syntax

create fiction from facts ,

bring pen to paper

eloquence is my chaser.

From pain comes beauty

in mine comes poetry.

In September I was a writer,

in April I am a fool

–Sasha Yimsuan



He walked on his hands

And struts in his trousers

Has ice cream in the morning

Dances in the shower

Sings lullabies to his grandpa

Hides turnips in be

Sniffs his ex-girlfriend

Has an empty head

–Sabrina Gutierrez







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