St. Anthony’s Church

Hanging Heart 1
By Clifton Snider

in Questa, New Mexico,
erected a plaque
on a pedestal
outside its doors
to honor all the dead
“unborn children”
of the world.

I looked in vain
for a corresponding plaque
to honor the bone-thin
babies starving or dying from HIV
in South Central, L.A.,
in Albuquerque or Santa Fe,
in barrios below the border,
the Sudan, the streets of
Calcutta or North Korea,
the armless children
in Iraq, the legless soldiers of
all countries, the untold numbers
of grieving parents, brothers, sisters,
& lovers.
I looked & foundlovely yellow & orange wild flowers
growing in a white planter shaped
like a cross.

–from Moonman: New and Selected Poems, World Parade Books, 2012

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