Hanging Heart 1
By Jessica Claire Bennish

Where do you live anyways these days?
Under a bridge?
I recall when
you weren’t so far away
on some star.

I recall when I knew you.
When I could ask you things
and you would not shy away.

Everything is a scratch to be itched.
A bottle to be drunk.
A sigh to be held in.

I was a newborn the day I met you.
It seemed there could not have been another one.

You think you know how sweat drips,
but that is a lie.
you see only water beads on beer cans.
You play kick the can as if it is 1954.
and growl at dogs inwardly.

You do not know how to love at all,
yet swear you are “the best”.
How is this?

You eat me from the inside.
Sometimes you are a fun diet.
All the melancholy days
take away appetite.

It is a sad day when I watch you chase
and miss the bus, but then I remember
the morning you dropped me
off on a corner, shaking in the
rain and sobbing,
and I don’t feel


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