Pick #5-The Christmas Moon Man

Today’s Christmas suggestion is from Zack Nelson-Lopiccolo. Earlier this year he was featured as a conversation with a poet.  He was a pure delight to have a conversation with and during it he mentioned one of his favorite poets, Clifton Snider.  Here, you will find a suggestions from Zack for Clifton’s most recent book,  Moon Man: New and Selected Poems, which can be purchased at Gatsby Books in Long Beach!!!!

51Mr43Ld6bLLets start with the fact that everyone should own this book. It encompasses just about every poem ever written by one of the most magnificent and prolific poets of our time, Clifton Snider’s Moon Man: New and Selected Poems takes you on a journey through life with a very unique style that unfolds and refolds, disintegrates and rematerializes before your eyes.  In this career long collection one finds an evolution of a man, that thanks to World Parade Books, can be read all in one easy handheld volume. Clifton’s work is vivid and bright, even when addressing the not so shiny parts. Do yourself a favor and pick this gargantuan book up at Gatsby Books, and I suggest if you’re local in Long Beach, meet the man and have him sign it, in person!

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