Christmas Pick #4: The Green Beauty of Prose Poetry

Thanks to the lovely Ann Brantingham, we have another suggestion for poetry purchase.  Yes, she may have a bit of a bias, after all she married the guy, but may I say she is not overselling this book.  If anything she could easily gush even more over this very strong collection of poetry that deserves to be in our suggestions to buy any time of the year.

John Brantingham’s The Green of Sunset is a journey of hope through the depression and anarchy of modern life. Brantingham gets through it all by looking at the small, good things like a green sky after the orange of sunset but before the black of night. He lets his mind wander back to England, Sequoia National Park, Canada, New York, and Los Angeles, trying as hard as he can to find the joy in all of those places.


You know that I am going to tell you to get to Gatsby Books to buy, buy, buy.  Don’t make me do it. . .just go!

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