What’s on Your Christmas List? Poetry?

10 Days.

That is all we have poets, and Christmas will nothing but ripped wrapping paper, empty eggnog cartons, and perhaps a few smiles, if you purchased the correct gift for family and friends.

gatsby But how do you get that perfect gift?  Well this year, may we at Cadence Collective suggest, Poetry?  Heck, not just poetry, but books.  All kinds of books.  Books on Doctor Who?  Books on Herstory?  History, if you must?  Books that cats have read, and though they refuse to tell you, have loved?  Books that can only be found in the warmest, friendliest, most supportive bookstore in all of Long Beach: Gatsby Books?

We all know that it’s easy to go on Amazon, or hike to the local Barnes and Noble, but in both, the books are products, sometimes cold, stacked with their perfect bindings screaming out titles as you walk by, but for me that’s just not enough.  See over on 5535 E. Spring Street (cross street Bellflower) there is a place where books are loved.  Where books are traded, the way memories pass through grandparents to their children’s children.  Where a cat (Ruby, if you dare be that familiar) welcomes you and offers you a seat amongst the stacks to peruse the stories and poems waiting for you attention.  Most of us know this place.  Most of us know this place as the readings spot.  Well, last year alone we said goodbye to Kevin Lee’s Hump Readings, said hello to Jeffrey Alfier’s book, The Wolf Yearling, had an emergency Tuesday Night Reading hosted by G. Murray Thomas, Celebrated each month with a different themed Bank Heavy Reading, Welcomed Silver Birch’s Bukowski: An Anthology of Poetry & Prose About Charles Bukowski, recently heard Thomas R. Thomas read from his new book, 5 Lines, and listened to cops, swimmers and poets (Oh My!) regale us with their tales.

Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 9.49.38 AMFor those of us that write in the area, Gatsby, more importantly Sean Richard Moor, is always the place we can go to hear our peers and hock our own books.  I don’t think Sean says no, hosting from 2-4 readings in a week.  Next year Cadence begins 2nd Monday Poetry Party every month.  Tobi Cogswell one of the best poets and nicest woman you will be privileged to meet will have her chapbook, Lapses and Absences, release reading on January 22, 2014.

Sean shows through Gatsby Books that he earnestly cares about our community of writers. That he wants us to flourish.  He is always giving his time and space, so it is time that we give back by shopping and making this the best Christmas we can for Gatsby Books, in the same way he has given us the best readings and support he could all year.

Not sure what to buy?  He does have the best local poetry selection I have seen in Long Beach, including the bookstore at Cal State.  But we at Cadence know it can be hard to make up your mind when you are inundated with so much good stuff, so for the next few days we are going to give you a couple of our favorite books that can be found at Gatsby Books to help you out.

See you at Gatsby’s, where I got this book, not too long ago . . . Screen Shot 2013-12-15 at 9.54.41 AM


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