Kevin Ridgeway

kevin ridgeway
Kevin Ridgeway is a local from Whittier, CA, where he resides in a shady bungalow with his girlfriend and their one-eyed cat. His work has appeared in Bank-Heavy Press, Gutter Eloquence Magazine, Santa Fe Literary Review and Zygote in my Coffee, among many others. His latest chapbook, All the Rage (Electric Windmill Press, 2013) can be purchased here:

Poetry on Cadence Collective: Kool Aid Mustache, 17th Street, Tape Deck Blues, Tantrum, Deadbeat Messiah, The Most Beautiful Woman in the World, You Need to Go Out and Make Whoopee, Poem for my Dad, My Biggest Crush, Yesteryear’s Birthday Blues, Grandma Goes to Rehab, Breakfast in 1987, Skipping School, We’ll See, Creepy Dolls,

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