J.D. Isip


J.D. Isip grew up in North Long Beach, California, and, though he has traveled the world and most of the United States, he still considers the LBC home. J.D.’s academic writings, poetry, plays, and short stories have appeared (or will appear) in a number of publications including The Louisville Review, San Pedro River Review, Changing English, Revista Aetenea, St. John’s Humanities Review, Teaching American Literature, The Citron Review, Poetry Quarterly, Scholars & Rogues, Mused, and The Copperfield Review. J.D. currently lives in Commerce, Texas, where he teaches American Literature, Introduction to Literature, and First-Year Writing courses while finishing up his doctorateFollow his blog: J.D. Isip

Poetry on Cadence Collective: Sons of Thunder, Projects Prayer, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, In the Ball Crawl, Christmas in July, The Wonderful, We Were the Tide, Something Significant, Windmills, Rijksmuseum 2012, Exit, Cherry Avenue

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